How do I book a session with Kim at About You Photography of Hilton Head?
Booking a session is easy. Just email me at [email protected] or fill out the form on my contact page and together we’ll pick out a time and session type that is best for you.


For expecting parents just email me your due date and I will add you to my calendar. I will then be on call and ready to come to you once you contact me with your good news!

For wedding or event clients just send me your dates and basic information. We can figure out what rate or package works best for you. I will then email you a contract to be signed and require a 20% deposit.



What types of Sessions are available?

Sunset Beach Sessions are a beautiful way to capture the true essence of being on Hilton Head Island, whether you’re a resident of the island or just visiting. We take pictures on the beach when the light is low and glowing and soft. Casual and easy or filled with energy… it is a great way to capture wonderful images to treasure and save.


Home-Life Sessions are a great way to capture lasting images of your family in your own personalized setting… your  energy, spirit and personality. For me that means capturing both portrait and photojournalistic images as they each create a different window into the experience of being a family. For this type of session, I travel to you at the designated time and place of your choosing… such as your home or a nearby park or beach. This gives you the option to customize your images to better capture who you are and where you live.

 Studio Sessions take place in my studio and what I love about studio portraits is the ability to create more stylized images and focus on the individuals being photographed. A subject’s personality can really shine through their facial expressions and body language. Having spent a lot of time in front of a camera I know how to make people feel comfortable and it is a wonderful process to get to know my clients and capture their energy and personalities. Studio sessions are also great for headshots and my clients include a diverse group of actors, comedians, book authors, lawyers, real estate agents and people looking for a great new headshot for the new world of online dating!


Inside-Outside Sessions take place in the studio for part of the session and outside for the rest of the session. I find this type of session works really well with children and adults who just want to try a little bit of everything. It keeps the session moving and interesting… and the results are a wide range of images and looks to choose from.



What should I bring and how do I prepare?


Maternity Photo Sessions:

I love to photograph expectant Moms around 8 months or so when your belly is showing, and you still feel beautiful. I have basic white gowns available but you can also wear what you are comfortable in or any special outfit you may want to be photographed wearing. I also suggest bringing nude or white lingerie.


Newborn Photo Sessions:

Hospital Newborn Sessions are done prior to your leaving the hospital. They catch that beautiful fresh newborn image. For natural deliveries you I will come by your hospital room the day after your delivery. For C-section deliveries I find your 3rd day after delivery or just before you head home is best. I have photographed thousands of newborns in the hospital and it is always a joy and a pleasure to welcome these brand-new little souls into the world!

Home newborn Sessions take place in the convenience of your home. I come to you and bring a small studio-like set up with me including a bean bag and space heater. Sessions take at least 90 minutes as we have to stop for breaks and cuddling and I find it is best to photograph newborns within the first 10 days of life while they are still very sleepy (and before baby acne begins). The younger they are the better. This way they are less bothered by us moving them into little newborn poses for the camera – hopefully they'll sleep right through it! I generally bring everything we might need in terms of wraps and headbands, blankets of backdrops… but feel free to include any special heirloom items or gifts, toys or blankets you might want to show off!

Studio Newborn Sessions For more stylized images I invite my families to bring their newborns to my studio. There we have a clean, safe, well lighted are to really capture those stylized, beautiful baby images. I have an enormous collection of wraps and backdrops and containers and again encourage parents to bring any special items they may have that have meaning. These can include your wedding dress, or special blankets… work items that are clean and meaningful are also appropriate.


Family Sessions

Every family expresses itself differently… and I like to encourage my families to come to sessions having a couple of wardrobe options on hand. It’s easy in this day and age to google family portraits and see what jumps out at you in terms of wardrobe but feel free to add your own sense of style. My rule of thumb is just plan ahead and figure out what works best for you. Solid colors are great… matching hues and shades are lovely… all white or khaki and light blue are gorgeous on the beach for instance… but if your family likes to wear bold colors and wild patterns… then I say let’s add that into the mix. If you’re not sure then bring several different options and we can pick. It’s your session and it’s about capturing who you are… so it all works. Just make sure you can move well and everyone is comfortable.


Engagement Sessions

I often offer a free engagement session to my wedding clients. I find a short session on the day we meet to sign contracts is a great way to work together before the big event. It’s more fun when you know what to expect from me and I have a sense of who you are… and therefore you don’t have a stranger following you around with a camera all day. I really enjoy getting to know the couples I photograph, and it makes the occasion really special.


Senior portraits

Senior Portraits showcase who you are, so feel free to bring a few of your favorite things with you. Do you play a certain sport? Bring some of your sporting equipment. Do you play an instrument? Bring that with you.  Are you always on your cell phone or listening to music on your iPod? Bring those, too! We can listen to your playlist as we go. I’m here to capture you at this very important time in your life and while we’re at it we should be having fun.




How long does a portrait session take?

I generally set aside 60 minutes of session time. Some sessions may take a little less time, while others may take just a little longer (like newborn sessions, for example). I do not charge extra if the session runs a little over.


When should I call to schedule a Holiday Portrait Session?

Fall is the busiest time of year as families are planning their holiday portraits. Book your holiday portrait session in advance to make sure you get the best time for your family.


Can I download and print the portrait images myself or do I order through the website?

The answer to this question is both! All of your images are included with your session fee. After the session is finished you will receive two links to downloadable web albums with full printing rights. The first album is a “selects” album that contains some of my favorite images that I have selected. These images are lightly retouched, and the album will also contain black and white versions of the selected images. The second album will contain all of the images from the session. You can download and print the images from your favorite vendor but if you want printing from a professional lab then you can order directly through your album. My computer monitor is calibrated to work with these labs and if there is an issue with any printing results, I can resolve it quickly for you. I review and approve all orders that are printed through your album. You can check out the pricing before you order. It is surprisingly affordable!



What happens if I book an outdoor session and it rains that day or if something comes up and I have to re-schedule ?

I always confirm session bookings the day or two before they happen. I do this because I keep an eye on the weather and if need be, we will automatically reschedule for bad weather. If something comes up I ask clients to do their best to give me as much time as possible to re-schedule your appointment but I understand that some times things just happen and I am here to work with you to find a time that works best.


Modeling Sessions

Having spent years working in the modeling industry in New York, Paris and Milan… I have often used my inside knowledge to take test shots of people in the industry. While fashion is not my specialty… I am well versed in what it takes to work in a professional environment and on a professional set. If you are coming to me for a modeling or headshot session, we will discuss wardrobe ahead of time but think in terms of age appropriate outfits and accessories. I suggest doing a little marketing research first to decide what kind of look will work best for you. I also have two modeling articles that I encourage to read before our session… just click on the links below.

"Things you should consider if you think you wanna be a model"


"Things to know if you think you wanna be a model"